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About Us

To our clients, we do everything in our power to recruit job-seeking employees and place the best-qualified of these candidates with you. To our employees, we will provide you with a safe work environment that fits your skill set and allows for growth. 

Who we are

The Best Staffing Firm For All Your Requirements

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Phoenix Staffing Inc. provides a personal touch to the staff model. We make customer service a top priority when finding the right placement for our clients. Our focus is to ensure better first-time job-seeking placements, maximize productivity in working with you, quickly respond to any issues that arise, and provide you with around-the-clock access to Phoenix Staffing Inc. including the President and Founder. 

We gather the information crucial to maximizing success in every employee’s role. We always have all materials ready to go so that when the perfect match is found, we can hit the ground running! Working quickly while accurately placing is our strong suit!

Phoenix Staffing Inc. has been a critical part of my business and has given me the confidence that I can get quality professionals and staff when it’s needed the most. I highly recommend to them to employers.